On today’s episode,  Regina and Lynn are talking about Trigger and Roy Rogers. This topic came from their Chief Topic Officer, CTO, Norma. Who just happens to be Regina’s mother and Lynn’s sister. Norma sent Regina a screenshot of an article called; Seven Things That You Probably Didn’t Know About Trigger. And while Regina and Lynn  were looking at the article they realized, there really were seven things they didn’t know about Trigger. And it was fascinating. So today they are sharing with you, seven things you may not know about Trigger, as well as, more interesting facts about Roy Rogers and his famous horse: (or should we say horses? Don’t worry, they’ll explain in the episode.) Trigger.

Mentioned in this episode:The Lives and Legend of Roy Rogers’ Palomino, 2d ed. Paperback – Illustrated, March 12, 2019
by Leo Pando (Author)