Traci Bousman and Vested Sensation: A Championship Journey


In this episode, Regina sits down with Traci Bousman. Traci has been the year-end amateur champion with PtHA for the last few years with her special partner, Snoopy (AKA Vested Sensation). However, she had one big goal for 2023. Traci wanted to win the all-around title at the 2023 Pinto World Championship show.

 However, on the night of June 17, Tulsa, Oklahoma, was ravaged by storms with winds of over 100 mph. The Pinto World Championship show was in full swing at Tulsa Expo Center and was forced to cancel before finishing all events. Feeling disappointed but grateful that everyone stayed safe, Traci and Snoopy left Tulsa, pivoted, and set their sights on winning the all-around at the Color Breed Congress. Mission accomplished!

Throughout the year, Traci weighed the pros and cons of retiring Snoopy. With nothing left to prove and after a hugely successful CBC, Traci decided it was time for Snoopy to enjoy 2024 and beyond as a retired boy.

With the decision made, Traci announced that she was starting an exciting new chapter for herself. Traci is embarking on a new career as a clinician and coach. Traci is ready to share her knowledge. And our industry will be better for it!

Congratulations to Traci Bousman and Vested Sensation on a long and highly successful career! Happy retirement, Snoopy!