I will write you a few lines to let you know how my pony is getting along.

“Toby” is certainly the dearest pony of the bunch. I never knew what it was to be happy before I got “Toby.” He dearly loves me and I do him. He stands on a box, rolls a barrel and puts his front feet on papa’s shoulder and then bounds to the ground. My little brother, four years old, rides him all over and he will follow me into the house if he thinks I have sugar, cake or apples. He doesn’t look very nice in the picture but he is very pretty when his hair sheds off.

Now I tell you boys if you want to be happy while a little boy like me just get to work and win a pony from Webb Publishing Company.

by George (Illinois)

[From 1907 to 1918, the Webb Publishing Company hired children to sell subscriptions to The Farmer’s Wife magazine. Some of these children, due to their exceptional salespersonship, were awarded the grand prize. The grand prize was a Shetland pony, along with a saddle and bridle.]

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