The Sweetest Kind of “Marmalade”


I will now tell you about my pony “Marmalade” that came all the way from St. Paul, Minn., to Sunny California.

One day I happened to find a paper with ever so many ponies in it, and as I always wanted one I became very much interested in it and wanted to try and win one of those dear ponies that the Webb Publishing Co. were giving away to girls and boys.

So I sent in my name and got started in the contest.  At first it seemed hard as I never had tried anything like that, but The Farmer’s Wife is such a nice paper that I had no trouble at all in getting subscribers so I kept right on until the finish, and you don’t know how glad I was when I received word that I had won a pony by the name of “Marmalade,” and he was to be shipped to me.

One evening when the telephone rang and the agent at the station said the pony had come, I just couldn’t wait until papa would bring him home, so I begged real hard to go along, although it was past my bed time.

At last we got started on our way and when we returned home it was ten 0’clock.  “Marmalade” arrived late at night and I knew that he was very hungry so we gave him a good supper and a drink of water and then made him a nice bed. 

So I said good-night to my new friend and went to bed to dream of the lovely times we now would have.  He is the sweetest little pet you could ever want, and I am sure he loves his new home.

Whenever he sees me he neighs and comes running and I know that he is begging for an apple or some cake.  We have a little calf on the ranch and “Marmalade” and “Jim” are the best of chums.  They play all day long in the tall grass and in the evening they come back to the barn.

I have taught him a few tricks such as shaking his head for no and yes, and he can now walk down and up the steps as well as anyone.  I can’t tell you all the good times my playmates and I have with “Marmalade,” and I thank the Webb Publishing Co. many times for giving him to me.

 By Crystal A. Andreas, San Bernardino Co., California

 [From 1907 to 1918, the Webb Publishing Company hired children to sell subscriptions to The Farmer’s Wife magazine. Some of these children, due to their exceptional salespersonship, were awarded the grand prize. The grand prize was a Shetland pony, along with a saddle and bridle.]

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