The Scoop on Horse Poop: Today’s Management Versus Yesteryear’s Mess


This episode is crappy.

It’s crappy because it’s all about manure. Horse manure. It smells perfect for Regina, Lynn, and Heather but not so much for others.

The co-hosts each have their manure management system (Regina won’t stop singing the praises of her Millcreek Spreader). Yet, manure disposal can be a complicated topic for some horse owners. No matter what, it’s something that we all must deal with.

Today, we have equipment and knowledge. In the past, large cities like New York had a real problem. Lynn shares her research and, subsequently, traumatizes Regina and Heather with the realities of manure management of yesteryear.

To learn more about this episode:

(00:15 – 00:49) The Scoop on Horse Poop

(03:27 – 05:23) Memories of Horse Show Trailer Smells

(13:28 – 14:28) Memories of Weekly Stall Cleaning

(19:37 – 20:47) Urban Sanitation in the Past

(25:07 – 26:30) New York City Drainage Engineer Reforms