The High Stakes of Horse Purchasing: Tales of Pre-Purchase Exams and Beyond


Pre-purchase exams. It’s hard to know what to do… where to do it, and when to do it! What’s the financial risk you’re willing to accept? Are you getting these PPEs done to decide whether you’ll buy the horse, or are you paying for a PPE with an eye towards effective maintenance after the purchase?

Heather, Lynn, and Regina share their experiences, concerns, and rationales for why they did/did not order a PPE on the horses they purchased.

Always remember: Buying the horse is the least expensive part of ownership.

To learn more about this episode : 

00:14 – 00:42) Risks of Showing Horses Without PPE

(08:20 – 09:20) Discovering and Maintaining Horse Health 

(11:25 – 11:47) Veterinary Charges and X-Rays 

(16:49 – 17:56) Buying Young Horses and Health Considerations 

(21:45 – 23:15) Challenges in Pre-Purchase Horse Exams 

(28:42 – 29:34) Retired Show Horse Finds New Career