Sluggo – The Swedish Jumper Pony!


Coming from a big Swedish family with six daughters, we couldn’t afford to own ponies or horses. So, we worked very very hard at the barn to pay for lesson ponies and local horse shows. This is “Sluggo” and I at a local show in Stockholm in the mid/late 80ies.

He was the ultimate riding school pony jumper! He stood 147 centimeters tall (about 14.5” hands) and easily could jump meter 1.45 jumps (about 4,7 foot tall). And boy he could jump this pony! Many times we, the kiddos at the barn, had to chase after him when he jumped out of the turnout. Or if the ponies were turned out in the outdoor ring which happened a lot (due to space) and there was a jump left still standing from a lesson, he would cruise around and jump it by himself just for fun. He never stopped at a jump, always with happy ears, yet gladly would bite you when grooming him. Still, very fond memories of Sluggo, and I believe he was the reason I love show jumping! Oh, and looking at show photos of myself today in the show ring, I still make that ridiculous “Wholly Cow!!!” facial expression! Some things never change!