Palin, The Diva


Palin is the daughter of Shetland Pony royalty.   Her mom and dad were well-known pony stars.  Maybe that is why the breeders named her Buckeye WCF Classical Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly, the person, became a princess.  Palin was born believing that she was a princess and took the role very seriously! Palin is as delicate, graceful, and beautiful as Grace Kelly was.  However, Palin has another side.  She is also sassy, arrogant, and just plain full of herself.  When we brought Palin home Sarah Palin was running for Vice President of the United States and their attitudes were so similar that the name Palin stuck as her barn name.

Hitched to a cart Palin is up-headed, light on the bit, and oh so fancy! When she does sass on the cart it is delicate, graceful, and never threatening. She just lets you know that she is fancy.  She became a Shetland Pony Champion and made her mark in the showpen. 

Palin is retired.  But she still considers herself special.  At feeding time, she squeals and kicks the wall until she has her meal.  She is not particularly affectionate towards people. Yet, as long as we have known her, she has only been polite and well-behaved towards people and other horses.   I guess that’s how royalty does it!