On the Road with Lynn: Tater Lux

Tater Lux


Lynn is still on the road this week and in this episode she is sitting down with elite roper, horse trainer, cowboy and entrepreneur, Tater Lux.

When Regina and Lynn started the Horse Industry Podcast, they wanted to make sure that they had diversity in their topics but also in their guests they have on the show. That means they’re going to cover the pleasure horse industry, the cutting horse industry and they’re even going to cover some Rodeo, beginning with today’s episode.

Tater and Lynn discuss stories from Tater’s youth, including his claim to fame at the age of 14, how he lost a finger (you read that correctly) his Sophomore year of college, the World Series of Roping in Las Vegas, Tater’s first pony and more.

Get ready, this episode is all about bulls and blood, and dust and mud, and the roar of a Sunday crowd.