Hooves, Humor, and HWS: Welcoming Heather Werkema Smith to the HIP Team


Saddle up for a hearty dose of laughter and relatable horse tales as we gallop into the new year with the Horse Industry Podcast!

Heather Werkema Smith joins our current hosts, bringing a fresh perspective on equestrian life that’s sure to resonate whether you’re a seasoned rider or simply horse-crazy at heart. From funding our four-hooved friends to integrating significant others into farm life, we’ve got stories that promise to entertain and touch the heart of the equine community.

To learn more about this episode : 

(00:04) – Relaunching the Horse Industry Podcast

(10:39) – Pets and Family Conversations

(14:49) – Parenting and Horse Show Guilt and Sharing Experiences

(18:51) – Equestrian Preferences and Experiences

(27:05) – Weekend Phone vs Credit Card Drama