Gar, The Best Mini Horse


When I think about all of the horses, ponies, and minis that I’ve purchased, Gar was the best purchase that I ever made. He wasn’t cheap, but he was a steal. At the time, my daughter was about 5 years old. I wanted a miniature horse that I could trust. That was broke. That was pretty. I saw an advertisement for a miniature horse named Allure Ranch Spirits Loyal Guardian. A big name for a short guy! I was on my way to a volleyball tournament to watch my oldest daughter play, when I stopped by the home of the Fox family to meet Gar. It was love at first sight. He was everything “as advertised” and more. I brought Gar home a couple of weeks later. We won the lottery with Gar and my family gained special friends in Fox family. One miniature bay horse brought together two families and helped all of us create memories that will last a lifetime.