Fawago King: Fond Memories of the 2024 APHA Hall of Fame Inductee


A few days after interviewing ⁠Vicki Croghan Pflasterer⁠ about growing up in the family that owned the versatile paint stallion Fawago King, the stallion was named one of the 2024 APHA Hall of Fame inductees. Regina couldn’t believe her good fortune to capture the story of Fawago King at such an exciting time. 

Fawago King, a “sweetheart of a stallion,” was a 1971 sorrel overo stallion best known as a prolific sire of all-around performers.  He was owned and loved by the family of Donald and Carolyn Croghan of Schuyler, Nebraska. As their daughter Vicki shares, owning a horse like Fawago King changed their lives for the good.

Source: Frank Holmes’ book, “Paint Horse Legends: More Than Color” (Vol. 2)

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(00:05) – The Legacy of Fawago King

(07:37) – Horse Personality and Life Discussion

(13:23) – Horse Show Experiences Across Generations

(19:25) – King’s Best Traits and Funny Stories