Expo Square with Brandi Herndon


Regina and Lynn have covered a lot of really fun topics here on the Horse Industry Podcast. They’ve done horses, people of the horse industry, and different topics. But today is the first time that they’ve covered a facility. Regina and Lynn discuss Expo Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma in this episode.

First, they reminisce about some of their favorite (and not-so-favorite) memories at Expo Square, as well as some fun facts. Then Regina talks with Brandi Herndon, the Chief Agribusiness Officer for Expo Square, about Brandi’s role at Expo Square, as well as the variety of events hosted there. They discuss Expo Square’s features and their approach to forming partnerships as well as the economic impact on the community and state the horse industry provides.

Whether you’ve spent lots of time at Expo Square or have never been, you will enjoy this episode about the iconic facility.