ColdSpring Nurse Mares: A Story of Empathy and Ethics with Bronwyn Watts


The foal you’ve been dreaming about and planning for has lost its mother. A foal can become an orphan for a number of reasons, but there is one certainty: an orphaned foal is fragile, and time is of the essence. 

In this episode, Lynn interviews Bronwyn Watts of ColdSpring Nurse Mares of Ocala, Florida. ColdSpring Nurse Mares provides an ethical solution in the nurse mare industry, providing a second career for mares who are no longer broodmare sound or are at an age where they cannot carry their own foal. The nurse mares at ColdSpring love their babies and set the foals up for success in whatever they are destined to be—no bucket babies or throw-away foals. 

This episode will leave you cheering for Bronwyn, her precious mares, and the foals that need them.

To learn more about this episode : 

(05:48 – 06:48) Discovering the World of Nurse Mares 

(10:05 – 11:46) Nurse Mare Farms and Empathy

(21:19 – 22:16) Bonding With Orphaned Foals 

(27:26 – 28:41) Managing Colostrum and Matching Mares

(37:51 – 39:28) Reservations and Scenarios for Nurse Mares 


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