Chincoteague Island Ponies Part 1

Chincoteague Ponies Pt 1


Raise your hand if you had a Misty and Stormy figurine from Chincoteague Island growing up? Both Lynn and Regina read and loved the books which is not a surprise since they were horse/pony obsessed, and still are. So it would only make sense that they would record an episode about the ponies of Chincoteague Island.

This is the first of two episodes about this most beloved story.  In this first part they will cover the two herds of Island ponies, some of the backstory, and fact-based history. And then the second one, airing next week is all about Misty.

Head to the basement or up to the attic, pull out those dusty book covers and Misty figurines, we’re heading back to our childhoods as we dive into this nostalgic story about all of our favorite ponies.

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