Are Clinics the Answer? Cultivating Thriving Equestrian Communities For All Disciplines


This week, Heather discusses her first-hand experience with hosting winter clinics at her farm. Based on her own desire to keep learning, she recognized a need in the industry and decided to fill it. The clinics that she’s hosted have provided DYI-ers access to local trainers that otherwise may not be available to them. Heather’s clinics have sold out.

The co-hosts also discuss the pros/cons of clinics, the lure and expense of private lessons, whether trainers should feel obligated to work with others outside of their client list, and an exploration as to how we can start funneling new people to our stock horse industry. They all agree that strong youth programs are the foundation to the future of the equine industry. The question is, “Where can exhibitors or prospective equestrians go to gain or expand their knowledge?”