6666 Ranch

6666 Part 1


Regina and Lynn are back in the same state and in the same studio for today’s episode. And they couldn’t think of a better episode to bring to you while together than this episode about the history of the horse industry and specifically the 6666 Ranch in Texas. Lynn became intrigued about the 6666 logo that she kept running across every time that she would go to a cutting and then Regina got interested and decided to check into the 6666 Ranch. And the next thing they know they’re buying swag (you’ll have to listen in to see what they got). In today’s episode they discuss the history behind the ranch, how the logo came to be, and why the ranch is currently for sale. They even left in a blooper for your enjoyment.  Enjoy the first of what they hope will be many episodes about this legendary ranch. 

Mentioned in this episode: